12 Tips to Build Wealth for Early Retirement

Author Adidas Wilson
3 min readAug 9, 2020

In theory, building retirement wealth is quite easy.

There are three things involved:

  • How much you invest
  • How fast your money grows
  • The time you give it to grow

The reason why many people fail in wealth building is because it is not about understanding the principles. You need to act effectively. Have that in mind as you read the tips below.

Have a Plan

Never underestimate the power of a written plan. Without it, how will you execute the financial success formula?

A written plan is the first step and it acts as a roadmap to where you want to go.

Lifestyle Lags Income

Many people are more concerned with looking wealthy instead of actually being wealthy. Lifestyle is preferred by the current generation over financial freedom. Rather than accumulate assets, they spend. Spending money will never make you rich.

Financial Education

Your financial intelligence will determine how much your money grows. Before you invest, learn. Any market condition can offer you an opportunity to make a profit if you are an expert. Research, read and take courses. That will be money well spent.

Don’t Procrastinate

Another thing that affects your accumulated wealth is the amount of time your capital has to compound and grow. The longer you wait to start investing, the less you will have when you retire. A little procrastination will cost you.

Wealth Building on Auto-Pilot

Automatic actions are easy and less painful. Automate some actions to increase your assets. You don’t have to put in extra work or make an additional decision. It is a good way to ensure that you stay on track.

Take Responsibility

Taking full responsibility for everything that concerns your wealth. It helps you take the necessary action. You decide when to start investing and what you spend money on. Make these decisions and own the results.

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Author Adidas Wilson

Adidas Wilson was born in Chicago, surviving a near death experience driving off a bridge in an 18 wheeler and getting hit by a train. Author and Motivator