4 Fashion Apps That You Can Make Money On

Author Adidas Wilson
2 min readOct 11, 2020

If you like to keep up with the constantly changing fashion trends without cluttering your wardrobe and spending all of your paycheck, try out these awesome apps for selling your clothes. Out with the old and in with the new as they say. You might even find some new bargains for yourself to spend your new found cash on.

The thing that stands out about Depop is how it’s designed so similar to Instagram which most of us are familiar with. All you need to do to start selling is upload a photo, set up your personal store and start buying and selling straight away. You can even follow friends, like, and comment on photos uploaded. It takes 10% commission as well as a 2.4% PayPal transaction fee.

Vinted has no service fees for sellers and items are selling literally every minute. There aren’t any seller’s fees on this app and buyers pay a 5% service fee as well as another $0.75 fee. Like other apps you simply need to add a photo and description and you can start selling. As well as buying and selling clothes on here you can negotiate prices, and even trade. As well as a forum feature where you can chat about anything from clothes to relationships and printable free shipping labels.

Tradesy takes a big 14.90% commission from buyers, but in return it provides a free shipping kit as well as really nice packaging and helps to make your images look their best to boost the chances of your product selling. If you’re looking for designer bargains then this app is definitely worth downloading with their authenticity guarantee for designer items you’re guaranteed not to pick up a knock off’ s by accident. They even offer free returns for buyers, which includes free shipping and keep the returns so the seller hasn’t lost their sale. The buyer will get Tradesy credit to use on their next buy. Tradesy even offers buy now and pay via monthly installments with the finance company they use.

Poshmark has a shipping fee of $5.95 which you get priority shipping for and then pays you within 3 days of the buyer receiving the item. You can either transfer the money from your account to your bank account or you can request a check in the mail. This app lets you browse beautiful daily show rooms displaying everything for sale. You can even follow your favorite sellers and fill your feed with clothes you love and people you love to buy them from. The app is fast to use and buying or making a sale are both really simple processes.

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Author Adidas Wilson

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