6 Things About Self-Publishing You Will Be Tempted To Overlook, But Shouldn’t

Author Adidas Wilson
3 min readNov 28, 2017

The self-publishing industry is perhaps one of the most successful industries today that has lifted itself up with it’s own might. It is clearly burgeoning because of the clear advantages it offers. Of course, that doesn’t mean self-publishing is everyone’s darling as this article proves. That said, self-publishing has managed to surprise us, by its rapid evolution into a self-sustained industry on its own.

Here are a few interesting things about the self-publishing industry

1. It is already massive and still growing

The self-publishing industry is growing faster than ever. Since the entry barrier to self-publishing is lower, the industry is swelling at 21% growth rate of registered ISBNs from 2014–2015( apparently, the most recent data available.) The growth is expected to grow even further with self-publishing options are integrating largely into Amazon, leading to a multi-billion dollar industry for its book production services alone.

2. It gives back more to the creator of the work

With publishers constantly upgrading their offerings, the payback rate to the writers and creators has gone up steadily. Case in point is that the last self-publishing platform, Amazon, is offering a 70% royalty to the writer on books prices $2.99 or higher as against only 35% a few years ago.

3. It puts more responsibility back on you

Self-publishing allows the writer a complete hold over the entire process of making the book. This also means, it puts a lot more responsibility into the hands of the writer. Self-published success is typically met by someone who has been writing, blogging helping people for years- building a committed audience. Books become just another way to give more to their readers. Also, self-publishing does not end with writing the book. A book is like a baby that just won’t compromise on its needs.

It requires editing of professional quality, a book cover that speaks for the book. Taking the book to the readers becomes your job as well. Of course, with the growth of the self-publishing industry, it’s no surprise that professional help for book services such as Legaia Books are available as well.

4. It has produced some of the world’s favorite authors

It’s true. Self-publishing has made rockstars out of some writers who may have gone into oblivion if not for this great opportunity. Hal Elrod’s ‘The Morning Miracle’ is a wonderful self-publishing success story. More recently, Lisa Genova, a neurologist by profession, struck gold with her book, “Still Alice” that tells the fictional story of an early-onset Alzheimer’s patient.

Says Jyotsna Ramachandran, founder of Happy Self-Publishing, “Self-publishing has given every individual the power to publish their story, message or knowledge, without having to seek a stamp of approval from a publishing house. This is a game changer.”

5. It’s not a ‘last resort’ thing anymore

For many indie authors, self-publishing has become the first choice today, simply because of the ease and the returns it gives. There are also some others who would pick self-publishing over traditional publishing, even when they have the luxury of choice. James Altucher, a 11-times bestselling author whose last book is a self-published bestseller despite having published books by traditional publishing houses before.

6. It still requires good quality writing

Bestsellers are made out of the value the books give to your readers. Personal stories that wrench our hearts out make bestsellers. Words written down that that everyone thinks, but does not say out loud make bestsellers. Self-publishing does not give you permission to be tardy in your work.


Author Adidas Wilson

Adidas Wilson was born in Chicago, surviving a near death experience driving off a bridge in an 18 wheeler and getting hit by a train. Author and Motivator