A Beginner’s Guide To Successful Email Marketing

Author Adidas Wilson
8 min readNov 2, 2020

Even with the rise of social media, email is still an important part of most people’s lives. So if you are an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do for your business is build a lucrative email marketing campaign. Many people, however, have no idea how too.

Everywhere people look they are met with advertisements, pitches, and all kinds of interruption. Although you might think yours is unique, the reader, most likely, cannot tell the difference. Never forget the space that you are in and always have your best manners. Being in another person’s inbox is similar to being invited over to their house for dinner. If your host requires you to take off your shoes, you do not argue.

The same case applies to email marketing, it is their personal space and you have to be respectful. Acquiring permission is the first step to having a successful email marketing campaign. You need to have a sizable email list. You might do this by giving freebies, offering product updates, or a newsletter. There is no right or wrong way between the two, provided you express a clear purpose when requesting someone’s address. Make people excited to give their addresses instead of just writing, “enter your email for updates”.

Great email service providers strive to ensure that major ISPs do not block your emails. They have no control of where your emails end up; spam box or inbox. Getting whitelisted ensures proper delivery of your emails. You get whitelisted by having your recipient add you to their address book. Always give instructions on how to do this in every email. Set your expectations.

A strong call-to-action and consistent follow-up is the ingredients of a positive campaign. Do not promise to send out one email in a week and then send emails every day-deliver on your promise, whatever it is. Step in your reader’s shoes if you plan to pitch often. Your messaging should be consistent with the expectations you set. Always ask yourself what value you are adding.

The best newsletters, for most readers, are those that mix updates and messaging properly. When you are sending out a newsletter with images and product updates, try to include a friendly update or personal message. Instead of talking to your list only when you have something to sell, utilize…

Author Adidas Wilson

Adidas Wilson was born in Chicago, surviving a near death experience driving off a bridge in an 18 wheeler and getting hit by a train. Author and Motivator