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3 min readOct 11, 2020

Did you know that the photos you take on your phone can earn you money? Whether you do it professionally or just for fun, there is a gigantic market for mobile photography. In this era of smartphones, you can take a photo of anything or anywhere and sell it on numerous platforms available. Amazing, right? Take a look at some of the best available services and apps.

Snapwire is an app available for both android and iOS users. It enables users to upload and sell their photos to a wide pool of buyers. Simple as it may sound, you can make up to $100 from a single photo. One advantage of Snapwire is that when you build your credibility, buyers are able to send you special requests.

Foap is also an app very similar to Snapwire. However, it is simpler to use. You just have to upload a photo and make it available for purchase. You can make an average of $5 per photo on Foap, which is not bad. The good news is that you can sell the same photo to different buyers, as many as possible.

Snapcape is a great place to start if you love detailed instructions and guidelines. You do not sell photos randomly. Rather, you sell them in categories. Depending on your particular photo you can send it under the category as maybe nature, pets or hotels. But first, your photo has to go through the administrators so they can refine it and find a specific buyer for it.

Clashot is the most popular app in this category. It is, therefore, the best since more people have a chance to view and buy your work. You can earn from $0.50 to $80 for a photo. Just upload your photo to the site and let potential buyers review.

Stockimo’s reputation speaks for itself. Stockimo has paid over $150M to photographers ever since it was founded. It is simple to use compared to Snapcape. The rules are simple; upload your best photo and allow the administrators to review and process it. When they approve the photo goes directly into the market. If you want, you can retain your photo’s copyright. You will still be able to receive commission once it is purchased.

Shutterstock is much more like Stockimo but with added advantages. You can choose to keep a copyright of your photo and still earn up to 30% of its price. The amount of money you earn for each download rises with time. A single photo can also earn you more money depending on its size.

These amazing apps could not have come at a better time. They all differ in one way or the other. But they have one thing in common; they are here to add more meaning to mobile photography. They have introduced an easier way to earn revenue with mobile photography. It is also an amazing way to share your photography skills and see what others are doing.

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