The LinkedIn Insight Tag: What It Is and How to Use It?

Author Adidas Wilson
3 min readOct 23, 2020

You can use LinkedIn for many things, other than looking for your next job.

The platform has 675 million monthly users. By use of the LinkedIn Insight tag, you have the perfect audience for targeting.

The Insight tag, otherwise known as the conversion pixel or the tracking pixel, can be quite beneficial.

The LinkedIn Insight Tag: What Is It?

It is a JavaScript code installed on website pages. When people visit your website, it leaves a cookie in their browser. So if a LinkedIn user visits your site, you will be able to target them later on LinkedIn.

The Pixel can also track conversions when potential customers get to your site via LinkedIn ads.

Do You Need the LinkedIn Pixel?

Data is extremely important. But how do you collect it if you haven’t set up tracking?

With the LinkedIn Insight tag set up on your website, you will know who visited your page. It tracks events and conversions, letting you know what methods are working and which ones aren’t.

You can track website interactions and retarget lost purchases and leads.

This information also comes in handy when you’re optimizing.

How Do You Create and Add LinkedIn Pixel to Your Website?

  • Log in and go to LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  • Click Account Assets then Insight Tag.
  • Select Install My Insight Tag.
  • Select Manage Insight Tag and select See Tag.
  • Choose “I will Install the Tag Myself” to see the code.
  • Copy the tag code.
  • Paste the code on the backend of your site before the end of the </body> tag. Do this on every page’s global footer.

Now to see whether it is working.

  • Go to LinkedIn Campaign Manager and select Accounts Assets.
  • Click on Insight Tag.
  • Your site name should be under Tagged Domains.

It will be “Active” when a LinkedIn user visits your site.



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