The Real Genius of Steve Jobs

Author Adidas Wilson
8 min readOct 14, 2020

In 1991, after his marriage, Jobs and his wife moved into a nineteen nineties style house in Palo Alto. Steve had one weakness of failing to furnish the houses he lived in. In his previous house, he only got a mattress, a table, and chairs. He was a perfectionist. It took longer, in figuring out the kind of perfect items to purchase for his house.

In a conversation with Walter Isaacson, Job’s wife stated that in eight years they discussed furniture in theory. The discussion on the washing machine seemed more complicated than the sofa story. Jobs had found out that European washing machines used less detergent and less water than the American counterpart.

However, they took twice as long to complete a washing cycle. Jobs explained they were stuck on what to do as a family. They spent lots of time discussing the kind of trade-offs to make. They discussed the kind of family values they had; whether they wanted the clothes cleaned for a longer time but come out ultimately as soft. Each night after dinner, at least two hours were spent on the same discussion. Isaacson’s biography on Jobs presents him as an exhausting and complicated human being. Parts of his life are messy. Isaacson presents those parts just as they are.

In the past recorded activities and events, it comes out clearly that jobs were a bully. At one instance, he gets his girlfriend pregnant and denies the pregnancy was his. On another occasion, he parks in handicapped places. Jobs shouts out to the subordinates in his place of work. Once in a restaurant, Jobs sent back food three times. Isaacson revealed of the numerous times robots had to be painted and repainted as jobs revised his color scheme.

The autobiography begins in Silicon Valley in the Apple co-founded by Jobs. Despite his dismissal from the company, upon return later, he exhibited the same arrogant behavior. Interestingly, in his sixties, Job was hospitalized. Still, his arrogance was well displayed. He chose three out of seventy nurses to look after him. Upon sedation, while still frail, he pulled off the oxygen mask claiming that it was ugly. Also, he pointed out that the oxygen pointer on his finger was complicated and ugly.

After his death, Jobs was eulogized as an inventor and a visionary. However, Isaacson’s biography refers to him as…

Author Adidas Wilson

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