Thirteen 3D Printed Products You can Sell

Author Adidas Wilson
4 min readOct 9, 2020

When you start creating 3D products, the next step you think of is working to hone your professional skills. Then from there, you advance to looking for an ideal market where you can sell your products, however, if you are not making the right products, or do not know what you can create and sell, advancing in the 3D printing industry may not come easy.

Well, here are the top thirteen things that you can create with 3D printing and sell to advance your business and creativity. Customized shoes also known as flip-flops, sometimes people perceive this product as more complicated than it is, but it is just another idea of a product you can create and make money. The best thing about this product is that it can be unique, simple and fast to print with a large margin.

2. Architecture models

You can take this as either a service business or e-commercial business. You can produce several buildings, varying in sizes and style, which should be custom printed. This is a growing sector, where you can get recurrent customers.

3. Robotic kits

This product only calls for creativity in production, but they offer an excellent opportunity to make money. They are high-ticket innovative products, ranging from self-balancing RC style, Air hockey bots, and the controlled Whiteboards.

4. Vases

The perspective here is not about having 3D printed items but producing beautiful, luxurious, and attractive things. The good news is that these types of products are easy to establish a market with, and require little skills. However, you may need some creativity to succeed.

5. Retro Raspberry products

In this field, only your creativity can determine how far you can go. They are fun to create, and feature a broad range of ideas, and are a great opportunity for opening future frontiers. 3D printing is a dynamic industry; you can go with the current trend and keep people hooked on your products. You should be able to create something within a short time, but it is one of the best ways to make money. If you beat the others to the market, you stand to enjoy significant benefits.

This is a fascinating part of 3D printing since drones are gaining speed, power…



Author Adidas Wilson

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