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Author Adidas Wilson
6 min readApr 16, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various aspects of human life, including the way we create and experience music. AI music, also known as algorithmic or generative music, leverages machine learning algorithms and computational techniques to compose, perform, and analyze music.

This article delves into the fascinating world of AI music, discussing its history, applications, challenges, and future possibilities.

The concept of using algorithms and mathematical models to generate music dates back to ancient Greece, where Pythagoras devised the first algorithmic composition techniques based on mathematical ratios. In the 18th century, composers like Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart experimented with algorithmic methods such as musical dice games to create new compositions.

b. Emergence of Computer Music

The advent of computers in the 20th century opened new possibilities for algorithmic music. Researchers and composers began exploring computer-aided composition and digital synthesis, giving birth to the field of computer music. Pioneering works like Iannis Xenakis’s stochastic compositions and Max Mathews’s MUSIC program laid the foundation for modern AI music.

c. Advent of Machine Learning and AI Techniques

With the development of machine learning and AI techniques, researchers started investigating ways to make computers “learn” to compose and perform music. The use of neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and other AI methods enabled the creation of systems capable of generating original music in various styles and genres.

Approaches to AI Music Generation

a. Rule-Based Systems

Rule-based systems are among the earliest approaches to AI music generation. These systems involve the creation of explicit rules or heuristics that dictate how musical elements like melody, harmony, and rhythm are combined. Rule-based systems often draw upon music theory principles to generate compositions that adhere to specific stylistic conventions.

b. Statistical and Probabilistic Models

Statistical and probabilistic models, such as Markov chains and hidden Markov models, have been widely used in AI…



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