Why Do People Blog? The 15 Benefits of Blogging

Author Adidas Wilson
3 min readOct 6, 2020

Blogs began as online journals where people shared their lives. But today, the goals are more professional. Most people now blog to promote their business or brand.

This post highlights common reasons for blogging and the benefits.

Why People Blog Share Passion

People love to share what they are passionate about. If you love fishing, you will want to tell the whole world about it. This goes for other things such as marketing, photography, etc.

Blogging about what you love helps you connect with others who share your passion, all around the globe.

Educate Others

A blog gives you a platform to teach others. As you do so, you will also be learning more about the subject.

Educating through a blog can open a stream of income for you.

For Exposure

Blogs for business owners increase exposure. Regular blog content earns you visibility in Google search results. And if you create content for other websites, you will expose your business to a new audience.


Sharing what you know via a blog makes people views you as an authority. If you choose a specific niche, you may start getting invited to speak at events, podcasts and interviews. The more you attend, the more people know you. Eventually, you may get a book publishing contract.

Search Engine Ranks

As highlighted above, regular blog content will make you rank in search engines. With target commercial keywords, you can attract customers.

Content Sharing

Social media audiences seem to prefer blog posts over sales pages or ads. Share your articles on social networks and allow your readers to do the same.

Benefits of Blogging

Manage online identity: Someone can know what your business is all about when they search for it online. A blog helps you control how your business is defined.

Learn new things: blogging allows you to impart knowledge. But more importantly, it helps you learn. You have to research in order to teach others. You will also gain valuable online…



Author Adidas Wilson

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